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Our new premium membership offers much more than the basic free package.

1) Unlimited Downloads - Download as much as you like
2) No Waiting - No delays when downloading files
3) Low Cost Payment - One Time, No recurring subscription


Introducing the SimTractor Auto Installer!

The Auto Installer is a tool which has been developed to reduce the time it takes to install files from the website. It works by connecting your user account to the website and capturing files which you select for install. The files will then download to your PC and will be extracted to your SimTractor Game path.

The benefits of this over standard downloads are as follows

No Hassle - Files are installed in the background.
Usability - Perfect for novice users who are unaware of how to manually install files.

There is a limitation to the tool. These are ...
EXE / SFX Packaged Mods not supported since we cannot automatically install pre-packaged files uploaded to the website.

Q. Can i set the tool to run in the background?

A. Yes the tool can be set to start with windows which means that every trip to can benefit from the software without you first loading the tool. In short there is little or no effort on your part to get your files installed.

Q. Can the tool run from behind a firewall?

A. No the tool must have permissions to get outside your firewall. Further more members who reside behind a proxy will not be able to use this tool.



COMING SOON is to become 4Farmers hosting files for many farm related games