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Pre 2008

SimTractor is the leading farm simulation software available in today's market. It simulates nearly all aspects of a typical farming year through a compelling 3D interface and realistic physics and farm geometry. The days of 2D top down games are long gone and the player has the oppurtunity to sit in the cabs of machinery and perform the various farm tasks as they would happen in real life.

It is developed and maintained by ST Diffusions who released the game back in 2005. was devised in 2005 as a way for players to replace the stock textures the machinery had, alternatively known through the community as "Skinning". Whilst many of the skins at first were created by more and more people have started to create there own masterpieces to use in the game.

Over the past 3 years we have formed a strong alliance with ST Diffusions and also the community to bring unofficial additions to the game and the support from both has helped to drive the community. SimTractor boasts a massive fanbase with more and more people discovering the simulation and interacting with the community. Prior to 2008 went from around 1000 members at launch through to around 19,000 members at the end of 2007.


ST.Net Future

2008 hopes to bring more support for the SimTractor community. With the release of SimTractor 4.0 in the pipeline we are ready to support new and improved additions. We have rebuilt our website completely and now offer file uploads as standard



COMING SOON is to become 4Farmers hosting files for many farm related games